Introducing ‘Book Industry magazine’ special issue with a focus on Children's book publishing in Russia

This special issue of the Book Industry magazine is prepared for the Bologna Book Fair. It covers all the aspects of Children's book publishing in Russia, gives a timely reflection of the main trends, challenges and opportunities, presents an extensive analysis of Children’s book publishing market size and its drivers.

The issue contains information about the major Children’s book publishers in Russia, including their main projects. A special emphasis is made on picture books and people who make them - illustrators, artists, and designers.

An important part of the magazine is the contacts of Russian publishers, as well as all industry organizations and professional associations of booksellers in Russia.


Vladimir Grigoryev: “The real spring comes to children’s book publishing in Russia”

The government’s task today is to encourage Russian authors, artists and publishers to think globally and to integrate more actively into the international book landscape.



Children’s Book in Russia: investment priorities and market realia

Over the past five to seven years, the book for children has been an absolute driver of the Russian printed book market. Although downloads went up (+10%) in 2018-2019, digital book products for children take merely 5-6% of the online services assortment (mostly fairy tales and stories in the audio format) and do not exceed 0-1% of the turnover of the publishers specialised in children's books.



Elena Rymshina: Russian Book Illustration for Children. Brief Review

Elena Rymshina, curator of the Book DNA Illustrators’ Programme at the International Fair of Intellectual Literature NonfictioN (Moscow)



Maria Vedenyapina and Anastasia Arkhipova. Magic Imagery and Poetic Mastery: Experts speak about children’s books in Russia.

The age of social media and instant messengers makes us easily forget that the book is the result of teamwork. Authors, editors, illustrators, layout designers and printers work together to open a whole world of new knowledge, breathtaking stories and unforgettable experiences to the reader. The book demands not only high professionalism from its creators, but also great responsibility, especially when it comes to children’s book, the first reading experience for kids. Today, our esteemed experts – MARIA VEDENYAPINA , Director of the Russian State Children’s Library, President of the Association Raising Readers, and ANASTASIA ARKHIPOVA , Distinguished Artist of the Russian Federation, Associate Member of the Russian Academy of Arts, IBBY Vice President – discuss traditions and modern trends in Russian book publishing, true exponents of children’s books and professional achievements in this field.



In this section, we present the projects of the following publishers:

AST Publishers, Russkoe Slovo Publishing House, Eksmodetstvo Publishing House, MOZAIKA Kids Publishing House, ROSMAN Publishing House, STRECOZA Publishing House, Robins Publishing House, Leo Publishing House, Piter Publishing House, BINOM. Knowledge Laboratory Publishing House, Children’s Literature Publishing House, Clever Media Group, A Walk Through History Mann, Ivanov and Ferber Alpina. Kids, Samokat Publishing House, Polyandria Publishing House, Bichik National Publishing House.


In this section, we present industry organizations and professional associations in the book market of Russia:

Russian Book Union, Association of Book Publishers of Russia, Non-profit Partnership Bookmen Guild, Association of CIS Book Distributors (ASKR), Russian State Children’s Library “Raising Readers”, Association of cultural workers, artists and educators for children’s reading, Papmambook’s projects, Cultural Bridge Chitai-Gorod. Revolutionary lifehack if you want to see your kids immersed in reading, 37th IBBY International Congress in Moscow. 

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